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J12 38mm

    Over time, the Chanel J12 watches have become famous for their simple elegance and enduring design. The basic form of the original J12 has been repeated in various sizes. One of the most popular of these variations is the J12 38mm collection. The watches in this group use a larger case size that is just right for most people. It is large without being overpowering, suitable for both men and women.

    One of the most distinctive things about these Chanel timepieces is that they come in only black and white ceramic. This is unusual, as most watches are made from precious metals or alloys. The J12 38mm watches are made from a durable ceramic that is polished to a high gloss, bringing out the beauty of these timeless pieces.

    The watches in this collection are made even more attractive by the use of diamonds, rubies, and other jewels. The larger case size makes room for a good amount of these precious stones. This not only increases the beauty of these wristwatches, but also has a definite impact on their value. A very few of these timepieces also use rose gold to add a distinctive twist to the original look.

    Anybody would be proud to wear one of these gorgeous Chanel luxury watches. They are simple and elegant without being plain or dowdy. They work well on the wrists of both men and women. Within the simple color scheme there is room for many variations, ensuring that each watch is personalized for its owner. One could do no better than a Chanel J12 38mm watch.