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Limited Edition

    If you have always dreamed of owning the same Piaget watches that your favorite celebrity, government figure or sports star wears, you may now have the opportunity to do so. Limited editions are exactly as they sound – limited, so it is often difficult to obtain them because so very few of them were created to begin with.

    Many of the designs of the limited editions are like nothing else that you will ever see because they were inspired by something very unique. As a result, these beautiful timepieces are numbered – X out of XX. This means that you may be the only one in your area to own such a stunning piece.

    Piaget watches have always been known for their engineering feats with the amount of parts used and how they are able to keep perfect time. In addition, there is a certain look that Piaget has always been able to maintain so that everyone knows that it is a Piaget without ever looking for the discreet logo on the face of the watch. Limited editions are your chance to wear a watch that will likely never be worn by anyone else that you know.

    Many of the limited editions feature bold color combinations or very specialized chronographs that you won't typically see in our collections. This is because they were specifically designed for one reason or another – either for an anniversary, to commemorate a special event or some other special purpose.

    If you see a watch that you absolutely have to have, don't wait as these are very limited and there may only be one.