Limited Editions

    In every collection, there is a limited edition series consisting of the rarer and more valuable pieces of the collection. Timepieces are no exception. The Cartier Limited Editions luxury watch series is compiled of the singular and hard-to-find pieces. These are the styles that were crafted once and then discontinued. They include models created for special occasions, such as brand anniversaries and special sales, that are only available for order for a short time before being suspended. Thus, there is only a small number of these models made, making them more valuable and prized by collectors.

    There are a number of these Cartier timepieces, each with its own unique style. While other Cartier luxury watches are inarguably high-quality in terms of appearance and functionality, the Limited Edition pieces surpass even these. The design for each one is entirely unique and is completely different from the next.

    The styles that are available are widely varied, reflecting the occasion for which they were made. They take after assorted genera such as sports, celebrities and other important events and figures. The Cartier Limited Editions series consists of several different designs, some more detailed than others. Aside from incorporating their own unique pattern, some styles reflect the theme of other well-known watch series, such as the Marine series. Even animals are not excluded: Several watches feature such creatures as lizards and turtles. Appearing in silver, stainless steel or white gold, the quality of these Cartier timepieces is stellar. The rarity of the Cartier Limited Edition especially stands out from the crowd in a manner that is entirely classy and befitting any stylish executive.