Limited Editions

    By the late 1950s, Breitling timepieces had conquered the skies and adorned the wrists of many of the world’s most skilled and celebrated aviators. As the 1960s progressed, explorers dove deeper beneath the seas, where conditions presented unprecedented challenges to watchmakers. The SuperOcean dominated the sea as the Navitimer had the air.

    Navigation, aviation, exploration, combat - Breitling timepieces accept the most rigorous challenges and win their battles. Breitling Limited Editions are special releases of watches with proven workhorse DNA and classic design. Like their esteemed predecessors, they are destined for greatness.

    Breitling Limited Editions are distinct from other Breitling luxury watches. These rugged yet elegant limited edition timepieces allow those who have earned it the opportunity to show their regard for history, precision, symmetry, strength, performance and flawless beauty. Each piece in this artisan line is numbered and can be customized to reflect your aesthetics and signature performance standards.

    Commemorate the Aviation Age with the classic Montbrillant retooled with the horsepower of the unparalleled Caliber 01 movement. Celebrate the Space Age with the Cosmonaute, the first chronograph watch tested by astronauts outside Earth’s atmosphere. Prove your sophistication by sporting the breathtaking balance of form and function represented by the Code Yellow limited edition of the classic Avenger.

    Neither your status nor your position was simply handed to you. You worked to be where you are. You have earned what you can do. The Breitling Limited Editions are your reward for defending timeless values, living by your work ethic and refusing to acknowledge obstacles.

    Some luxury watches merely reveal what you can afford. Breitling timepieces say more about who you are and what you value.