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    Even those who are unfamiliar with luxury timepiece names are likely to have heard of Omega watches. Well known for their accuracy, elegance and timeless good looks, Omega watches compliment any wrist for any occasion. There is perhaps no better example of a watch as fitting for both everyday wear and special occasions than Omega's Constellation series of fine timepieces.

    With a wide range of watches for women and men, the Constellation series is easily recognizable for its hexagonal case shape mounted with a clean, round bezel. Although all Constellation timepieces sport cases of the same shape and basic design, their metals, ornamentation and dial design options differ greatly and offer a wide range of choices for the discerning tastes of any watch connoisseur.

    On the more aesthetically reserved end of the Constellation spectrum are the cool and sleek brushed stainless steel versions of the timepiece. This watch is truly a masterpiece of unimetal construction. Brushed stainless steel Roman numerals are embossed on the beautiful brushed stainless bezel with polished stainless details at three and nine o'clock. A mother-of-pearl dial with polished stainless steel hour markers plays a stunning counterpoint to the bezel. All of this detail is set on the brushed stainless steel hexagonal case and completes the aesthetic characteristics for which Omega watches are sought after.

    With a decidedly more opulent look, yellow and rose gold versions of the Omega Constellation series are sure to command the attention of anyone within eyeshot of the timepiece. Case variations include a yellow or rose gold bezel on a stainless case with mother-of-pearl dial, a gold bezel and dial mounted on a stainless case, or an all-gold version, including the bracelet.