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Bedat & Co

While many watchmakers trace their roots back to the 1800s, Bedat & Co Watches is thoroughly modern, having been founded by Christian Bedat and his mother, Simone Bedat, in 1996, in Switzerland. Thanks to their extensive experience working with Raymond Weil, another luxury watchmaker and their modern outlook, the luxury watches that Bedat & Co began to produce have been unique, sleek, luxury timepieces that are perfectly suited to the successful, and forward thinking, businessman.

Over ten years since its founding, Bedat & Co watches are sold around the world in fine department stores and boutiques. In 2007, Bedat & Co opened their furthest flung boutique, in the exotic playground for the rich, Kuala Lumpur. Bedat & Co remains entirely Swiss owned, despite their distribution on five continents. Today it is owned by Swiss company, Luxury Concepts.

The first clock made by Bedat & Co was the No 3 model, which is still manufactured today. It features a "tonneau" shaped face, with a curve at both the top and bottom. It is available in a variety of styles, including a diamond encrusted bezel variation for women. The luxury timepieces each fit into a product line that is numbered, however the numbers are not sequential. This is because designer Christian Bedat was more focused on the meaning of the numbers as they related to his functional artwork. For example, "3" symbolizes perfection.

The number eight also plays a prominent role in Bedat & Co watches, as it is the logo for the company and is seen on nearly every watch. It also is the sign for infinity, which is appropriate since the designs created by Bedat & Co were done with an eye toward timeless design that would be appreciated by their customers for a long time. These luxury watches are not for men and women who are interested in cheap trinkets, or overly gaudy trends. Rather, the streamlined elegance of the luxury timepieces made by Bedat & Co’‘s skilled artisans in Switzerland are status symbols for those who plan to be successful for many years to come, and are confident in their abilities.