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Breguet Watches for Sale

Here at Luxury Bazaar, you’ll find a variety of authentic Breguet watches for sale, which includes dazzling timepieces from the brand’s Reine de Naples and Marine collection. Additionally, you’ll find that our online inventory has watches from the Breguet Tradition collection. If you’re looking for an online provider that carries Breguet watches for sale that will do nothing but compliment your wrist and make you feel refined—look no further than our inventory.

The History of Breguet

The Breguet brand of watches was founded over two centuries by Abraham-Louis Breguet immediately following his marriage to the daughter of a rich French bourgeois. The dowry Breguet obtained from the union enabled him to open his workshop. While the marriage provided the monetary funds to open his store, the connections he made with scholarly people throughout his apprenticeship as a watchmaker, combined with his years studying mathematics, paved the way for him to create his spectacular timepieces.

Furthermore, after Breguet was introduced to Queen Marie-Antoinette—who is said to have grown fascinated by his unique, self-winding watch—Louis XVI bought multiple watches, which, in turn, made Breguet’s timepieces more well-known. He even gave one of them to the mariner Bougainville, who was just planning his great expedition to the North Pole.

The Legacy of Breguet

Since Breguet came onto the scene over two centuries ago, numerous French writers and others throughout Europe have associated the name with both the aristocracy and a refined, luxurious environment characterized by high standards. In fact, writers such as Alexandre Dumas, Jules Verne and even Pushkin have used the Breguet name.

Aside from Breguet achieving fame with the powerful and wealthy, the watchmaker is known for perfecting the self-winding movement developed by Swiss horologist Abraham-Louis Perrelet. He’s also credited with inventing shock resistance for balance bearings and developing "la repetition," a repeating pocket watch that chimed on demand.

However, there's no denying that Breguet is most famous for inventing the tourbillon, which today can only be built by the most skilled watchmakers across the globe. In creating the tourbillon, Breguet sought to counter the effects of gravity he believed negatively impacted watches when they were stuck in a certain position. Inevitably, what he created was a “clock within a clock” design that is still used on many modern, artful watches that command high prices.

Today, the watches from the Breguet Tradition collection, Reine de Naples and Marine collection you'll find for sale on our site are all built by the most talented Swiss watchmakers. Like the Breguet timepieces of the past, you'll find that all the modern designs bear the famous Breguet signature, hand-engraved ("guilloche") silver dials and exquisitely finished cases with reeded edges.

Connoisseurs who are looking for a luxury watch should consider the Breguet timepieces available on our site. The history, high quality, romance and exclusivity of the brand alone makes any of its timepieces a worthy addition to the wrist of any distinguished collector.