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Maîtres du Temps was launched in 2005 in the midst of a worldwide economic crisis. The company's philosophy is a passion for design. Maîtres du Temps watches are designed by a rotating group of watch making masters. Fittingly, Maîtres du Temps translates as “Masters of Time.”

Steven Holtzman – The Vision

Steven Holtzman started Maîtres du Temps in 2007 with an entirely new watch making concept in mind. The idea was to bring together a group of master watchmakers to create and design exclusive luxury timepieces. The master watchmakers rotate so that each design is innovative and unique.

The result has been that Maîtres du Temps watches have achieved a level of technical and design sophistication that is rarely seen in the watch making business. Apparently, using the right combination of watch making masters who share a bold vision can lead to innovative, beautiful, and sophisticated luxury time pieces.

The Maîtres du Temps Collection is divided into Chapters

Each Maîtres du Temps collection of luxury timepieces is divided into Chapters. Chapter One was developed and designed by Roger Dubuis, Christophe Claret, and Peter Speake-Marin. The Chapter One collection of luxury timepieces is truly innovative and exclusive in styling and design.

Roger Dubois, Daniel Roth, and Peter Speake-Marin created the Maîtres du Temps watches in the second chapter. Maîtres du Temps watches in the Chapter Two collection are elegant and beautiful beyond belief. The hours and minutes on these luxury timepieces are indicated by diamond cut, solid gold hands.

The Chapter Three collection is still in the creative design process. Watch lovers around the world are waiting anxiously to see what the masters will design next.

The Master Designers behind Maîtres du Temps Watches

There are a number of master designers behind Maîtres du Temps watches. The following is some basic information about each one's philosophy and design esthetic:

Christophe Claret: Christophe Claret is one of the most highly sought after watchmakers worldwide. Claret contributed to the Maîtres du Temps watches chapter one series. Claret has been called a magician because he is able to make a vision of design turn into reality. His philosophy is to focus on exceptional beauty, precise movement, and a focus on complexity.

Peter Speake-Marin: Peter Speake-Marin contributed to both the Chapter One and Chapter Two collection of luxury timepieces. Speake-Marin enjoys working for Maîtres du Temps watches because he finds it a perfect medium to express his knowledge of making luxury timepieces.

Daniel Roth: Daniel Roth contributed to the design of the Chapter Two collection. Roth enjoys working for Maîtres du Temps watches because the luxury timepieces that are made there are unlike anything he would have made alone. The excellent designs and craftsmanship are a result of master watchmakers working together on a creative design.

The luxury timepieces made by Maîtres du Temps are innovative, elegantly designed, and perfectly crafted. Steven Holtzman has started a vision that will continue to live on. The watches made by Maîtres du Temps are exclusive and highly sought after worldwide.