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Blancpain, one of the oldest watchmaking brands in the world, saw its start in the early 18th century when founder, Jehan-Jacques Blancpain, saw potential in the watchmaking industry. Tucked away on the upper level of his Villeret home, Jehan-Jacques Blancpain made history with the construction of his first watch in 1735. Successful from the beginning, the Blancpain brand only grew throughout the years with Blancpain’s heirs maintaining his sophisticated watch expertise.

At the onset of the industrialization period in the middle of the 19th century, watchmaking shops were in danger of closing, but not Blancpain. Because business savvy Blancpain modernized his watchmaking methods and concentrated on top-of-range products, his firm was the only one to survive in Villeret during this difficult time.

Marketing began in 1926 for the firm’s first automatic wristwatch. By 1930, this luxury brand decided it was time to produce watches smaller in size, and so their first rectangle watch, “Rolls” became the world’s first automatic ladies watch.

After two centuries under family management, the only surviving family member, a daughter Berthe-Nellie, did not want to pursue watchmaking. Because of this, two staff members very close to Frédéric-Louis, the great-grandson of Jehan-Jacques, were now in control of the firm.

Blancpain Watches for Sale

Bold, elegant, provocative - all of these words do not do the timeless Blancpain watches justice. Since 1735, Blancpain has set the standard of mechanical watchmaking. Today, Blancpain aims to produce only the most top quality pieces, assembled and designed in its home country of Switzerland. From the United States to Australia, Blancpain has boutiques all over the world. They also allow luxury watch connoisseurs to buy their timepieces online through companies such as Luxury Bazaar.

Blancpain: Design of a New Movement

As the creator of one of the most comprehensive mechanical watches ever made, Blancpain masters the manufacturing process, while still maintaining its century’s old heritage. The goal of Blancpain is to continually create timeless, innovative pieces, all the while maintaining its Swiss watchmaking traditions.

The research and development team for Blancpain is the heart of innovation for the brand. The department meticulously caters to every case, dial, and strap making sure every watch embodies perfection. Not only are outer details carefully looked over, but components like springs and screws are also under constant development.

Every watch produced under the Blancpain name has a unique personality. Every model, although unique in its own right, boasts a shared aesthetic feature that marks them all into the Blancpain family. Some larger watchmaking companies can make over 2,000 watches a day, whereas Blancpain only produces a mere 30. This just goes to show how intricate and special each and every watch from the Blancpain brand is.

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With a variety of timepieces to choose from, you will find what you need with a classic Blancpain timepiece. Men’s watches, women’s watches, watches with double time zones, or underwater watches for divers - every collection uses innovative, quality materials, prepared exclusively with the customer’s satisfaction in mind. Buy a Blancpain watch online from Luxury Bazaar today and experience the most luxurious way to tell time!