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Since 1848, Omega watches have been continuously redefined with a focus on the art of making luxury timepieces. The company's philosophy is a focus on precision, design, and innovation. Read on and learn what makes Omega watches such a prestigious and distinguished brand.
What Makes Omega Watches Such a Prestigious and Distinguished Brand
1. Pioneers in the Watch making Industry
Omega has participated in many of the most exciting adventures in history including the following:
• ? Watches for Motorcycles – In 1901, Omega created watches that were designed especially for motorcycles. The timepiece was attached directly to the gas tank.
• ? First Watch for the Blind – In 1917, Omega introduced the first pocket watch for the blind. The watch featured points that could be read with fingers.
• ? Waterproof Watches – In 1937, Omega launched their first line of waterproof watches.
2. Omega Watches Are Among The Most Trusted in Terms of Precision
Throughout history, Omega watches have been the most trusted in terms of precision. Omega has been trusted to be a part of the following historical events:
• ? Olympics – Omega has participated in timing the Olympic sporting events in over 24 Olympic games. Omega has focused on keeping pace with technology to ensure that every event is timed with precision.
• ? First Watch on the Moon – Omega designed a watch that was called “Speedmaster.” This watch was tested by NASA and passed. The “Speedmaster” went on to be the first watch on the moon in 1969. It was the only watch to make it to the moon at that time.
• ? Amelia Earhart – Amelia Earhart was the first female pilot to cross the Atlantic. Before Amelia left, she had Omega chronographs put on the plane. Omega has been a part of exciting events in history in so many ways.
3. A Focus on Style and Design
Omega has a collection of luxury timepieces designed for men and women. Men enjoy the stylish and sporty designs that can be worn golfing or to an exquisite dinner. Women love Omega watches because they are so elegantly designed they look more like luxury jewelry than typical watches. Men and women both will admire the selection of luxury timepieces Omega has to offer.
4. Rich and Famous Sporting Omega Watches
The rich and famous have been seen wearing Omega watches including the following:
• ? Cindy Crawford
• ? Nicole Kidman
• ? Russell Coutts
• ? Michael Phelps
• ? Ian Thorpe
In conclusion, Omega offers a series of luxury timepieces that exude a brilliant and timeless design. In addition, Omega watches are the most precise timepieces on the market today.