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Since 1848, Omega watches have been progressively redefined with a focus on the art of making luxury timepieces. The company's core beliefs center on crafting watches with superior precision, design and innovation. The instantly recognizable brand boasts high-quality watches in a range of styles and designs that will be certain to satisfy those with discerning tastes. Luxury Bazaar has hundreds of authentic Omega watches for sale for both ladies and gentlemen.

Pioneers in the Industry

Omega has consistently been on the cutting edge of the watch industry. Some of their innovations include:

Watches for Motorcycles – In 1901, Omega engineered timepieces that were designed especially for motorcycles and automobiles. The timepiece was affixed directly to the gas tank.

First Watch for the Blind – In 1917, Omega introduced one of the first pocket watches for the blind. The watch featured points that could be read with fingers, much like Braille.

Waterproof Watches – In 1932, Omega introduced its first waterproof wristwatch, the Marine. Five years later, it became the first watch that was certified for diving to a depth of up to 135 meters.

Trusted Precision

Throughout history, Omega watches have been at the forefront of monumental events in history, thanks to their unparalleled reliability and precision.

Olympics – Omega has been the official timekeeper at nearly every Olympic Games since 1932. The brand has focused on keeping pace with technology to ensure that every event is timed with the utmost accuracy.

First Watch on the Moon – In 1964, NASA tested watches from four different companies in preparation for their first mission to land on the moon. Only one watch survived the brutal rigors of their testing: the Omega Speedmaster. On July 21, 1969, the Speedmaster became the first watch on the moon, and it has been the timepiece of choice for many astronauts since that day.

Amelia Earhart – Amelia Earhart is best known for being the first female pilot to fly across the Atlantic Ocean. Before Amelia left, she had Omega chronographs installed on the plane, and she herself sported an Omega wristwatch. 82 years later, that same Omega watch later made a journey into space alongside astronaut Shannon Walker, continuing the legacy of women in aviation.

Focus on Style and Design

Omega has luxury timepieces designed for men and women. Men enjoy the stylish and sporty designs of the Speedmaster and Seamaster that can be worn to a golfing outing or to an exquisite dinner. Women love Omega watches because of their classic elegance that tastefully complements any outfit. Their signature Constellation collection epitomizes the timeless sophistication that Omega owners have come to expect. These refined timepieces are certain to remain a part of an individual’s wardrobe for years to come.

Worn by Celebrities

Many esteemed personages, including world-renowned actors and athletes, have been seen proudly sporting their Omega watches:

Cindy Crawford

Nicole Kidman

George Clooney

Russell Coutts

Michael Phelps

Ian Thorpe

Luxury Bazaar offers authentic Omega luxury timepieces for sale that exude a level of brilliance and refinement earned only by 150 years of expert craftsmanship and continuous innovation.