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After years of precise engineering and design, the fine series of Bell & Ross watches is available for those who understand quality; and who lead the most adventurous of lives. The same dynamic design that has withstood the rigors of underwater diving, air travel and space exploration can be worn as you navigate the playing field you call your life. For work and for play, Bell & Ross designs the luxury time pieces that let you live out all your extreme possibilities.

Bell & Ross watches offer all of the pomp of a high end watch with the power of a machine. These luxury timepieces will handle high altitudes, extreme acceleration and arctic temperatures with no problem whatsoever. They have been worn by pilots, astronauts, bomb-squad experts and every type of adventurer in between. The process of creating a single Bell & Ross watch requires the careful assembly of up to 350 individual pieces. Impeccable European engineering and the principles of aviation controls and Swiss chronograph movements have been integrated to create an amazing piece of mechanical perfection. The result is a commanding watch for commanding men.

The Vintage Collection is inspired by military watches; offering a timeless and authoritative style.

The Classic Collection is for a man who maneuvers through life like a pilot; designed with extreme water resistance.

The High Tech collection is a line of luxury watches not for the faint of heart. The pieces in the collection are specially outfitted for the lifestyle a man who leads a highly adventurous life and who puts his life at risk on a daily basis. Intended for space wear, the Space 1 was famously donned by astronaut Reinhart Frrer of German descent on the Spacelab mission. Where will it take you?

The Pilot line offers a streamlined, no-nonsense style with an accuracy read in a fraction of a second; for the person who has someplace to be and no time to mess around.

For the jet-settter, The GMT line features multiple time zones o that you’‘ll always know what time it is, no matter where you are. The Military M1 and M2 models were designed for use by helicopter pilots but soon caught on with other members of the military. Within the collection are the Type Deminer for bomb-squad experts who value their watch more than their bomb proof vest, and the Hydro-Challenger for deep-sea explorers who can’‘t get enough of the earth above the surface of the water.

Bell & Ross offers luxury timepieces with unprecedented, refined durability for the life you live; and the life you dream of living.