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Elegance. History. Refinement.

Chopard Jewelry is where the oval comes full circle. Known for their timepieces, Chopard is a paragon in the world of jewelry, covering the wrists, necklines, ears and fingers of the elite in diamonds that can be seen shining from across a room. With well over a century of continuous production, each piece carries more than 140 years of experience as one of the world’s foremost luxury brands.

Chopard is known for jewelry that hearkens back to the height of avant-garde style, but offer a slightly different perspective on those now-classic designs. Chopard owns curvature, adorning many pieces with hearts, ovals and circles to elicit a more organic appearance from each piece. The dynamics of each stone lend Chopard Jewelry an undeniably unique appearance, glistening in any light.

Chopard’s History
The brand is a Geneva-based company that specializes in producing and selling lavish watches, jewelry and accessories that share common characteristics in their design. It is said that the label designs each of their luxury items to tell a story. Unlike other watchmakers, Chopard makes its own watches and movements in-house rather than taking up the base movements (ebauches) of other manufacturers. This aspect is what distinguishes Chopard as a genuine Swiss timepiece manufacturer.

Chopard was established in 1860 by Louis-Ulysse Chopard, who was only 24 years old at the time. Chopard focused on creating chronometers and accurate pocket watches that were based upon innovative concepts and creative ideas. All of Chopard's products are constructed using cutting-edge techniques, resulting in unique, high-end pieces that are a must-have for ladies and gents.

The brand has never been afraid to leave old production traditions behind to pick up more modern methods to generate gorgeous jewelry and timepieces. Floating diamonds, bulky gold and brightly-colored gemstones are a few features that appear throughout the Chopard collections.

Chopard Jewelry
What makes Chopard so unique is that the diamonds used in their jewelry and watch designs are ethically sourced. The company uses a self-operated system to request that their suppliers agree not to sell or buy conflict diamonds, and Chopard chooses to obtain their diamonds only from merchants that are certified members of the Responsible Jewelry Council. Chopard also asks their suppliers to avoid purchasing stones from unknown sources.

By adhering to this standard, the label is able to present a guarantee of origin certificate for each watch and piece of jewelry. The Council supports two organizations – the World Diamond Council and the Kimberly Process – that work to diminish the trade of conflict diamonds.

Chopard is also one of four participating labels in the Fleurier Quality Foundation, which assures a very high level of quality. The foundation also includes Vaucher, Bovet and Parmigiani ( The regulations that the union uses, the "Qualite Fleurier" standard, was developed to compete with the exclusive Geneva Seal manufacturing standard, as well as other Geneva standards.

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