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Kieselstein-Cord: Kieselstein-Cord is a world renowned luxury lifestyle brand founded by award-winning American designer, artist, and photographer Barry Kieselstein-Cord. Kieselstein-Cord founded the company in the early seventies in Manhattan, New York, and ever since, has been producing fabulous fine jewelry, sterling silver jewelry, belt buckles, bronze statuary, home furnishings, and accessories such as handbags and eye-wear. Designs from this brand are highly distinguishable due to their decidedly artistic and intricate designs. A piece from Kieselstein-Cord is the perfect collector’s item for a serious art, or fine jewelry connoisseur.
Kieselstein-Cord began his journey as an artist studying at Parsons School of Design in combination with a program at New York University. In the early seventies, prior to officially opening a business, he spent a lot of time working with re-used plastic before moving on to creating some sterling silver pieces, as well as unique designs that utilized materials found in nature. After one exceptionally good sale, Kieselstein-Cord was able to purchase his first large scale amount of sterling silver and put out a sterling silver collection of jewelry in 1972. His creations were such a hit that he found himself launched into the spotlight soon after. Following his almost immediate success, Kieselstein-Cord found himself collaborating with fashion powerhouses such as Calvin Klein and Perry Ellis. He also became a well-liked favorite designer among many celebrities, and some of his designs are in the permanent collections of museums including The Louvre and The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Our current collection of museum-worthy designs show the expertise Kieselstein-Cord is so well known for. Everything is made of elaborately carved 18K yellow gold and some pieces feature gemstones. If you are in the market for true artistic excellence, look no further than our collection of elaborate Kieselstein-Cord jewelry.