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While the Hallmark of Geneva holds the watches to their particular criteria, Vacheron Constantin has core values that are unique to the brand. These are the same standards of excellence since 1755. Technologically, the luxury timepieces incorporate perpetual calendars, chronographs, moon-phases and jumping hours. The appeal of the watches has not wavered, despite the time cultural and interval gaps. Vacheron Constantin watches' aesthetic excellence resonate with any sophisticate, which makes it a favorite accessory to buy. Every crevice of the watch is finished with extensive detail and care.

By meeting Geneva's stringent and exhausting criteria, Vacheron Constantin luxury timepieces countlessly push the boundaries of perfection. Vacheron Constantin watches were happy to meet this challenge since the philosophy behind every watch was, "Do better if possible and that is always possible." Vacheron Constantin watches bear the Hallmark of Geneva since 1901. This prestigious insignia means that 40% more time, craftsmanship and technique went into one Vacheron Constantin luxury timepiece compared to a watch without an insignia. Jean-Marc Vacheron, the creator of Vacheron Constantin watches, could not imagine how his designs would revolutionize the field of horology.

Vacheron's legacy includes the first complication watches, some of the first engine-turned dials, and the first quarter-repeater watches. Additionally, a true hallmark of the luxuriousness of Vacheron Constantin watches is that the most expensive watch ever produced is a Vacheron Constantin. This watch sold for $5 million and would be double this figure if the watch ever went to auction. Jean-Marc Vacheron was only 24 years old when he opened his first shop so that customers could buy his watches. Though Vacheron was inexperienced and naïve compared to his peers, he did have one vision. He wanted to create luxury timepieces that would be timeless due to its inherent refinement. Despite wars and depressions, Vacheron Constantin watches have stood the test of time as quality watches that have passed through generations of families. Vacheron did not only create watches, his vision unraveled a legacy of haute Horlogère. It is no wonder that Vacheron Constantin timepieces are a desirable accessory for men and women to buy.

Aligned with Geneva's standards of excellence, the watches must be assembled in the territory of the Canton of Geneva, and eight members of the Canton of Geneva's Commission of the Office scrutinize the movement of the luxury timepieces. Furthermore, the Canton of Geneva has 12 technical and styling criteria to ensure the high quality of the Vacheron Constantin watches. For instance, the movements have ruby jewels with semi-mirror polished jewels on the bridge of the watch to allow the lubricating oil to reach every crevice of the watch and ensure longevity of all the components. Vacheron Constantin, and by extension, the Canton of Geneva, offer a guarantee of provenance, precision, durableness and horological expertness.

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