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Oscar Heyman

For over a century, Oscar Heyman has been at the forefront of the jewelry industry making masterpieces from not only the classic precious gemstones including diamonds, rubies, emeralds and sapphires; but also specializing in semiprecious gemstones with equally glamorous appeal, including alexandrite, cat’s eye, opal, aquamarine, etc. All of the stones are carefully selected by hand to ensure optimum quality, and every piece of jewelry is signed and numbered to ensure authenticity. Quality has always been a top priority for the Oscar Heyman brand which is due to the company’s founding father’s unique jewelry-making past.
Six Heyman brothers immigrated to the United States from Latvia in the early 1900's with the dream of having their own fine jewelry brand. Two of the Heyman brothers had previously apprenticed at a Fabergé workshop in Russia, while two of the other brothers had extensive experience with platinum; a fairly new metal at the time. Lastly, another brother was skilled at tool making. Together, their combined skill sets afforded them the opportunity to establish a family owned and operated company where quality could be monitored at all stages of production. To this day, the firm continues to make its own tools, alloy its own platinum and gold as well as design and create each piece of jewelry. The brand currently has collections that feature sparkling gem encrusted flowers, animal inspired designs, men’s jewelry, etc. For a look at some of these tantalizing designs, look no further than our collection of Oscar Heyman jewelry.