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Ulysse Nardin was founded in 1846. Historically, Ulysse Nardin focused on manufacturing marine chronometers for the Navy. Today, Ulysse Nardin focuses on producing each luxury timepiece with an innovative style and perfect craftsmanship. Read on to learn more about the brilliant style and designs of Ulysse Nardin watches.

Innovative Designs

In 1983, Rolf Schynder purchased Ulysse Nardin. Schynder’s goal was to revolutionize the watch making industry with a focus on making innovative, esthetic watch designs and unique watch machinery. The result has been that Ulysse Nardin watches have become highly sought after worldwide for their perfect craftsmanship and timeless esthetic designs.

Award-Winning Luxury Timepieces

Ulysse Nardin watches have won over 4,300 awards in watch making. In addition, several of Ulysse Nardin luxury timepieces have made repetitious entries into the Guinness Book of World Records. Ulysse Nardin also has been awarded the highest number of patents in mechanical watch making.

Some of the awards Ulysse Nardin watches have earned in various exhibitions include:

• The "Prize Medal" and the "Progress Medal"

• 14 Grand Prix (First Prizes)

• 10 Gold Medals

• 2 Silver Medals

• 2 Prix d'Honneur

Focus on Quality

Historically, Ulysse Nardin watches had much of its research, manufacturing, and construction outsourced to outside consultants and suppliers. The final servicing, maintenance, quality control, and assembly was done at Ulysse Nardin headquarters in Le Locle, Switzerland.

Today, each Ulysse Nardin luxury timepiece is completely made at the headquarters in Switzerland including every detail of the watch. This makes Ulysse Nardin watches unique in a time when most of the Swiss watch making companies import their parts from China. Ulysse Nardin watches are truly made with quality in mind. Each luxury timepiece is made with a focus on every minute detail of the watch. Financial and Intellectual Independence

One of Rolf Schynder’s goals is to keep Ulysse Nardin watches financially independent. Schynder wants to be able to finance the growth of the company with profits. In addition, being financially independent allows the company to be intellectually independent so that it can change and grow with the times.

Schynder is able to keep Ulysse Nardin financially and intellectually independent by staying debt free and shareholder free. It’s easier to continually invest in the company’s future when a company does not have to pay dividends to its shareholders. In conclusion, Ulysse Nardin watches are highly sought after worldwide for their perfect craftsmanship and timeless style. Ulysse Nardin continues to be dedicated to producing each luxury timepiece with precision and innovation in mind.