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The Buccellati name has been a fixture in the jewelry world since the mid-eighteenth century. The brand was founded in a small Milanese workshop in Via degli Orafi (Goldsmith’s Street) by company namesake Contardo Buccellati. The company truly began to gain popularity in 1919 when it was taken over by Mario Buccellati and the “Buccellati Style” began to gain a following. Fine jewelry connoisseurs including Vatican members and royalty from Italy, Belgium, Spain and Egypt all too notice of Buccellati’s exceptional designs. Eventually, the company grew even further, and branched out to build shops in luxurious locales including Rome, Florence, New York City and Palm Beach. Upon Mario’s death, four of his five sons took over the family business in 1965. The brothers were able to work together for four years until they want their separate ways and two brothers stayed to maintain their family’s atelier, jewel production and oversight of the production in New York City. Eventually, the two remaining brothers decided it was time for a change and sought to make the Buccellati name global. In the early 1970’s the brother’s dream came true and Buccellati had a retail presence in Europe, Asia and the United States.

Today, family is still an integral part of the Buccellati brand, and the production of jewelry and silver still occurs primarily in small workshops by highly skilled artisans; many of which are Buccellati family members. To this day, Buccellati’s artisans use tried and true methods of jewelry making which helped to launch the brand into the limelight in the first place. Currently, the company has thirteen fantastic collections which include; Crepe de Chine, Honolulu, Hawaii, Magnolia, Macri, Classica, Etoilee, Ondine, Pendants, Signatura, Cufflinks, Butterfly Pins and Torchon. If you are looking for a taste of Italian luxury, look no further than our collection of fine, Buccellati jewelry.