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New or old, Rolex timepieces have been seen as a symbol of power by intellectuals around the world and from all walks of life. Since this brand of upscale watches has witnessed some of the most amazing human accomplishments, the timepieces have become a popular accessory that carry a reputation beyond the ability to measure time. Rolex was there when travelers successfully hiked all the way up the 29,035 ft. summit of Mount Everest, and one of their watches also accompanied Mercedes Gleitze when she swam for ten hours straight all the way across the English Channel in icy waters.

At Luxury Bazaar, we invite you to take a look at the Rolex watches we have for sale on our website. You can buy authentic Rolex watches of all kinds, including but not limited to a:
GMT-Master II watch
Daytona watch
President watch
Skydweller watch
Submariner watch
Yacht-Master watch
Day-Date watch
Datejust watch
Pearlmaster watch
Oyster Perpetual watch
And much more!

Feel free to browse through our selection to find the Rolex timepiece that speaks to you.

Innovators have not been the only ones to have Rolex watches strapped to their wrists throughout their feats. The luxury watches have made new accomplishments in horology by revolutionizing ideologies and practices, thus making every watch an exquisite accessory that a watch connoisseur can buy.

It all began with the young Hans Wilsdorf in 1905, when he was not satisfied with the timepieces of his era. Although pocket watches were the typical accessory back then, Wilsdorf wanted to create new wristwatches that could replace the obsolete time-telling accessory of pocket watches. This was a difficult task since wristwatches at the time were considered a female accessory. For his wristwatch to be successful, it would have to challenge gender norms. On top of inventing a wristwatch that would appeal to men to buy, he also had to compete with the sale goals of reputable and established English pocket watch markets.

Wilsdorf was determined to make his wristwatch idea prosperous. In order for the timepiece concept to be a successful product to buy, he had to address all of the shortcomings to produce the premiere wristwatch that would ultimately be revolutionized. Wilsdorf had to make sure that his wristwatch had the accuracy and precision to make them superior to pocket watches.

To establish a wristwatch that would triumph in popularity and sales, the