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New or old, Rolex timepieces have been known as a symbol of power by intellectuals around the world. Since the label of upscale watches has witnessed some of the most amazing human accomplishments, the timepieces have become a popular accessory that carry a reputation beyond the ability to measure time. Rolex was there when travelers successfully hiked all the way up the 29,035 ft. summit of Mount Everest, as well as accompanied Mercedes Gleitze as she swam for ten hours straight all the way across the English Channel in icy waters.

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And yet, innovators have not been the only ones to have a Rolex watch strapped to their wrist throughout their feats. The luxury watches have made new accomplishments in Haute Horology by revolutionizing ideologies and practices, making the brand an exquisite accessory one can buy. It all began with the Young Hans Wilsdorf in 1905, when he was not satisfied with the timepieces of his era. Although pocket watches were the typical accessory back then, Wilsdorf wanted to create new wristwatches that could replace the obsolete time-telling accessory of pocket watches. This was a difficult task since wristwatches at the time were considered a female accessory, worn mostly by women. For his wrist watch to be successful, it would have to challenge gender norms. On top of inventing a wristwatch that would appeal to men to buy, he also had to compete with the sale goals of reputable and established English pocket watch markets.

Wilsdorf was determined to make his wristwatch idea prosperous. In order for the timepiece concept to be a successful product to buy, he had to address all of the shortcomings to produce the premiere wristwatch that would be ultimately revolutionized. Wilsdorf had to make sure that his wristwatch had accuracy and precision to make them superior to pocket watches. To establish a wristwatch that would triumph in popularity and sales, the young entrepreneur went to Switzerland to complete his quest for the chronometric precision that he needed. It was there that Wilsdorf learned from the leaders of Haute Horology and was able to receive the class “A” precision certificate from the Kew Observatory in 1914, and the Swiss Certificate of Precision in 1920 for his watches.

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The Rolex brand took off and the accessories were found to be a highly beneficial instrument in WWI, stamping them as a competitive and masculine item. The reputation that the label developed from the war made it a trendy accessory to buy. Of course, the founder of Rolex did not stop there when it came to the sale and creation of his watches. The brand surpassed expectations by developing new and advanced technologies that seemed impossible in the watchmaking business. Rolex timepieces became the first automatic watch available for sale and were the first watchmakers to integrate the self-winding movement. The label also played a role in the progression of waterproof timepieces, which was proven when Gleitze's Rolex was still intact at the end of her record-breaking swim journey.

Rolex timepieces are no doubt renowned for their use of quality materials, accuracy, intentional aesthetic and functionality. A few hallmarks of the brand include the ceramic bezel, Parachrom hairspring and 904L Steel. Today, the label is sold in over 100 countries and the watches are handled by thousands of highly-skilled watchmakers.

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