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The House of Adler has been a fixture in the world of haute joaillerie for well over a century and is known for continuously creating fresh and highly innovative designs. The company was originally founded by Jacques Adler, a Viennese goldsmith who relocated to Istanbul during a period when it was a global hub for the finest jewels. Quickly enough, Adler made a name for himself and found his designs to be so popular they were even sought after by royalty. Almost a century after its founding, Adler’s grandson Franklin moved his family’s company to another jewelry hub; Geneva, Switzerland.

To this day, the company is family owned and operated in Geneva, and stays true to its illustrious past designs which brought them such great success. Adler jewelry is distinguishable due to their looks which draw upon influences from the Adler family’s colorful past. Their designs have been described as having an “East meets West” sort of flair that suggest the Adler family was influenced by their time in both Istanbul (East) and Geneva (West). These luxurious designs are highly artistic, and the company continuously pushes the envelope to create works that are increasingly innovative. Distinct approaches to their artistry such as the inclusion of atypical materials including steel, wood and silk has kept them in the foreground of the world of luxury. For a taste of rare and refined opulence, look no further than our collection of Adler jewelry.