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Founded in 1874, Piaget has been producing quality watches for many years. While the company initially produced watches for other brands to sell, Piaget began marketing watches under their own name in the years following World War II. These elegant timepieces were quickly recognized for their superior quality and attractive appearance, leading to their popularity. Today, Piaget is as well recognized as any leading producer of upscale watches.

The 1970s brought a time when many luxury watch manufacturers, such as Rolex and Omega, began to focus on their lines of sports watches. Rather than compete with these industry giants, Piaget took this as a cue to explore other styles, and instead dedicated efforts to producing dress and jewelry watches. Piaget quickly carved its own niche, producing some of the most aesthetically pleasing designs around. Watches such as those in the Polo line, which feature a highly desirable solid gold bracelet and attractive design, garnered so much attention that many companies began to produce replicas. Those wishing for a well-known style may buy a watch in the popular Polo line, which still exists today. Alternatively, Piaget has many other exquisite designs available to buy.

Piaget is still best known for its fashionable dress watches. Known for their extravagant style, Piaget watches are composed of fine metals and come bedecked with glittering jewels. While many upscale names can boast solid gold features, every metallic component but the movement is composed solely of solid gold. Literally everything, including interior gears, is composed of precious, solid gold! A dedication to producing not only watches but jewelry pieces also shows in the visual appeal of these watches. Beautiful details, such as lavish sprinklings of jewels, elegantly styled numerals and gracefully designed hands, characterize these exquisite watches. Not only useful as timepieces, these watches are visual masterpieces that are guaranteed to be admired.

While Piaget is best known for the jewelry-like quality of its timepieces, they are still produced using innovative technologies. Like other major names in watch production, Piaget has even patented some of its own movements. Piaget does not make technology the focus of watch design like some companies do, but they do not shy away from modern advances in watch production. Although they employ more jewelers than engineers, the craftsmanship found in these luxury timepieces is nothing less than impeccable.

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Piaget watches are the perfect accessory to buy for those seeking an extravagant design and highly recognized brand name. Strapping one of these lovely watches onto a wrist is sure to garner plenty of positive attention.

If you want to buy an authentic Piaget timepiece, explore the models we have available in our watch selection at Luxury Bazaar.