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Martin Flyer

Martin Flyer is a fantastic New York jeweler that specializes in the creation of fine jewelry, specifically bridal jewelry. Today, almost seventy years after its founding, the company is now based in a 10,000 square foot facility in New York’s world famous diamond district, and is still family owned and operated. The company’s dedication to creating only the highest quality products with some of the most radiant designs on the market has kept them in the limelight for many years. Even though Martin Flyer makes all types of jewelry, their expertise lies in the creation of bridal jewelry. The company is so dedicated to their customer base they even created the concept of the “Five Classifications of Bridal” to help guide their customers in their quest for the perfect rings.
Never comfortable with resting on their laurels, the company launched the “Flyerfit” in 2006; a special design they created to ensure the comfortable fit of engagement rings and wedding bands no matter what. The unique technology they utilize prevents unsightly gaps between the two rings so they sit flush together on the wearer’s finger. The dedication to excellence and innovation that Martin Flyer exhibits is absolutely phenomenal, and it is quite evident to anyone lucky enough to own one of their exceptional designs. If you care to add a taste of glamour and exceptional design to your wardrobe, look no further than our spectacular collection of Martin Flyer jewelry.