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Garrard & Co. Limited is a fabulous luxury brand that designs and manufactures fine jewelry and silver. Garrard was established in 1735 in London, England by Georges Wickes, but was not initially known by the name Garrard. The brand started off with much simpler beginnings, and its founder, Wickes worked as goldsmith and maker of jewelry and other luxury items for aristocratic patrons. After his death, the brand changed hands a few times until it finally fell under the ownership of the Garrard family and finally became registered and known as Garrard & Company Ltd.

The brand has a very prestigious history with accolades such as holding the title of Crown Jeweler from 1843-2007, and was charged with the upkeep of the British Crown Jewels. Queen Victoria appointed Garrard to the position and the brand produced numerous pieces of silverware and jewelry for the Royal Family for many years. The company has even dealt with some of the world’s most famous jewels, including the Cullinan diamonds and the famous Koh-i-Noor. Garrard even created such pieces as the Imperial Crown of India in 1911 and crowns for Queens Mary and Elizabeth.

Today, Garrard is a very fashionable brand and creates pieces for glamorous ladies all over the world. Our current selection of Garrard jewelry at Luxury Bazaar includes breathtakingly opulent cocktail rings. They are all encrusted with diamonds and gleam with the luxurious color of gemstones. If you are interested in getting a bit of luxury fit for royalty look no further than our assortment of Garrard rings.