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Montegrappa, known as the, “Manifattura pennini d'oro e penne stilografiche" ("Maker of gold nibs and fountain pens") was founded in 1912 and is the oldest Italian manufacturer of fine writing instruments. To this day, these luxurious pens are created in North-East Italy in Montegrappa’s original factory. Like many Italian companies that produce luxury goods, ensuring that an air of “Italian-ness” is imbued in each and every product is of the utmost importance to Montegrappa. Not only do the products have a rich Italian flair, but the company’s history itself is seeped with strong Italian history. The company was founded during a very turbulent time in Italian history during the turn of the 20th century and right in the midst of World War I. During this time period, Italy was beginning to see a lot of social change and industrialization that took many away from an agrarian lifestyle to a more urbane one. This change provided the company with an able-bodied work force to create their finely crafted writing instruments.

As time passed, the company continued to flourish, and enjoyed much success with those that had a strong love for fine, luxury items. Some of these people included powerful leaders who used Montegrappa pens to sign key documents in the 20th Century. Even former Russian President Boris Yeltsin owned a Montegrappa pen known as “The Dragon Pen” which he gave to Vladimir Putin as a symbol of handing over his power. Special pens such as “The Dragon Pen” and other highly desirable or commemorative designs are still created regularly by the company. At Luxury Bazaar, we are lucky to have one of these luxurious commemorative sets; the Thrilla in Manila (Ali vs. Frazier) Collector's Fountain & Rollerball Pen Set. We also have a variety of other pens including both fountain and rollerball types. If you desire a bit of indulgence in all aspects of your life, please, look no further than our collection of fine Italian Montegrappa pens.