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As one of the most well-known and highly respected luxury timepiece manufacturers in the world, Swiss watchmaker Jaeger LeCoultre has been a powerhouse of horological engineering and design for more than 175 years. With over 350 mechanical patents to its name, it is no wonder why the company is known for its ingenuity and its watches are so sought after. Jaeger LeCoultre's impressive array of timepieces features designs ranging from the classic, elegant and clean aesthetic of watches, such as the Master Control Ultra Thin series and the Reverso Ladies line, to the mechanically elaborate complications and dial of the Master Control Eight Day Perpetual Skeleton and the AMVOX 3 Tourbillon GMT.

Nearly anybody looking to buy a fine timepiece will find one that suits him or her perfectly in the Jaeger LeCoultre collection. Those looking for a wristwatch exhibiting a classic design and refined style will fall in love with the Reverso's rectangular case and the ingeniously hidden extra functions and complications on the case back, which allow the main dial to remain free of encumbrances. Luxury watch connoisseurs who are thrilled by massive and intricate complications will no doubt be ecstatic by Jaeger LeCoultre's Grand Complications line. Boasting some of the most complex movements ever engineered in a watch, the Grand Complications series features one of the most enigmatic watches ever invented: the Platinum-cased Grand Complication A Triptyque. With an absolutely astonishing 18 complications and an unprecedented three faces driven by a single, mind-warpingly intricate movement, it is a testament to the magic of human ingenuity.

Sporting enthusiasts will no doubt find tremendous function and undeniably good looks in Jaeger LeCoultre's Master Compressor and AMVOX collections. The Master Compressor's patented compression key system was engineered with the watersports and diving devotee in mind; chronograph compression keys sit within wingnuts that completely seal the case with a quarter turn, making it impervious to water during even the deepest dives. A tachometric scale ringing the dial enables the measurement of travel speed between two points. Racing aficionados will be drawn to the decidedly technical design of the AMVOX line, as some watches from the collection are available to buy at Luxury Bazaar. The groundbreaking control system of the AMVOX 2 Chronograph allows the timer to be operated by depressing different areas of the sapphire crystal, a highly unusual feature.

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Even those searching to buy a desk clock will find an ideal piece in Jaeger LeCoultre's expansive Atmos Clock collection. With extreme precision engineered gearing and an annular balance mechanism, Atmos clocks require no lubricant and provide generations of flawless timekeeping movement. Indeed, one would be hard pressed to find a more comprehensive collection of fine timepieces.

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