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The International Watch Company (IWC) has been in the watch making business for over 140 years. The company's philosophy is a passion for watch making and a commitment to perfect craftsmanship. IWC watches are a desirable buy of collectors all over the world for their timeless style and design.

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Read on and learn about how IWC began making luxury timepieces that are highly sought after, even 140 years later.

Florentine Ariosto Jones – The Vision

Florentine Ariosto Jones envisioned IWC Watches in 1868. Jones was an American from Boston who dreamed of making luxury timepieces in Switzerland. Jones went to Switzerland and built a factory where skilled watchmakers could manufacture IWC watches.

At the time, it was unheard of to centralize the production of watches in one place. In Switzerland, watches had been made in tiny shops or from people's homes. Today, IWC is indebted to Jones' vision and commitment to the art of watch making.

IWC has made a commitment to making luxury timepieces that are both elegant and timeless. The classic models are the stars of the IWC collection and have always been a prevalent accessory to buy. IWC watches are both beautiful and functional. This is the reason they are so highly sought after. To give customers a variety of watches to choose from, IWC has made a commitment to offering variations in design that are available to buy. The IWC collection of luxury timepieces includes diver's watches, pilot's watches and watches with a nautical design. IWC watches are built to be rugged even under extreme conditions.

IWC spends numerous hours training their watchmakers to ensure that the luxury timepieces made at IWC are perfectly crafted. Each watch made at IWC is made by a watchmaker who will spend hours attending to minute details. The ultimate goal is to make a watch that can last decades.

Today, a number of IWC watches have become collector's items. These watches can last decades when carefully maintained. Collectors are always looking to buy rare IWC watches, which fetch high prices worldwide.

IWC Watches are created to appeal to a variety of people. Whether you are looking for beauty, functional design, precision or a long service life, it will be easy to find that perfect luxury timepiece for you. IWC only hires masters who are committed to the art of making both beautiful and functional watches.

Florentine Ariosto Jones' vision lives on. He started with a dream and built a company that has been able to make beautiful, functional and wearable luxury timepieces that are pursued internationally.