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Carlo Crocco has revolutionized the industry of watch making. His focus has been on designing luxury timepieces that exude style. Carlo Crocco has also focused on creating timepieces that are both adaptable and durable. This commitment to excellence has made Hublot watches some of the most sought after worldwide to buy.

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Read on and learn about the story of the brilliant and engaging designer who has made Hublot watches one of the most successful watch brands in the industry.

Carlo Crocco – The Entrepreneur

Carlo Crocco is the creator of the Hublot watches' timeless design. He grew up in a family of watchmakers and developed a strong desire to set out on his own and create luxury timepieces that were elegant and wearable in many situations. In 1980, Crocco's ultimate creation was realized. He called the watch the Hublot (which means “porthole” in French). The Hublot watches have become a popular accessory to buy globally, due to their brilliant beauty and adaptability.

What Is So Unique About Carlo Crocco's design?

1. Watchband – The Hublot watchbands are made out of a tempered rubber that is virtually indestructible. Rubber was an ideal choice for Crocco because he wanted a band that would be shiny and that would complement or contrast the striking dials in his watch designs. The band is weightless, making it an ideal watchband for sports and other activities. In addition, the band conforms to the shape of the wearer's wrist, making it an extremely comfortable watch to wear. The Hublot band is resistant to chemical deterioration, unlike other conventionally made watchbands made out of leather or metal.

2. Vision– Hublot watches flawlessly merge Swiss craftsmanship with Italian styling. Crocco's luxury timepieces are as close to excellence in terms of style and functionality as anyone can get.

3. Adaptability – When making the Hublot watches, Crocco focused on a nautical theme for collectors to buy. Crocco wanted to make a watch that could be worn on all occasions. That is what makes the Hublot's design so distinctive. Hublot watches can be worn to the opera or a luxurious state dinner. In addition, the watches can be worn for sports events, such as golfing or deep-sea diving. The watches are water-resistant to a depth of 165 feet. The professional diver watches are water-resistant for up to 1,000 feet. These luxury timepieces were made to take a beating.

4. Style – For those who love precious stones, many of the Hublot watches include beautiful gemstones and diamonds that add exquisite beauty and style.

5. Desired Worldwide – The rich and famous are lining up to buy and wear Hublot watches. Some of these famous names include: Giorgio Armani, Elton John, Candice Bergin and Pat Riley. King Carl Gustov of Sweden and Prince Albert of Monaco also have been seen sporting Hublot designer watches.

Carlo Crocco has lived up to his ultimate vision. He has been able to design luxury timepieces that have everlasting style and are adaptable for every occasion.