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George Graham invented the chronograph in the 1700s; since then, his name and brand have produced amazing timepieces used by sportsmen all over the world. Graham is sometimes referred to as "the British watch brand made by the Swiss." Today, it is well known for designing and making luxury timepieces worn by Presidents and heads of state all over the world. It is a well-known fact that Graham watches are made to stand the passing of time and hardships of use.

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Graham watches are made to withstand huge amounts of pressure under the surface of the sea. Professional divers take pride in putting their life and safety in the hands of a Graham watch as they explore and get to know the depths of the oceans of the world. These watches are rugged, working watches, yet they are attractive and elegant. They are equipped with extra luminous numbers and dials and thick rubber straps that keep them in place and resist contact with underwater corals that will tear other wristbands to shreds. Graham watches are great to buy as an underwater time measurement for wet activities and deep sea adventures.

Graham watch sets or collections have different characteristics that set them apart from others. Some are made with different materials and in different colors but with the same styles and lines. Others have diamonds and silver, large numbers and many other fascinating features not found in other brands of watches. All Graham watches are designed for the modern man or woman who enjoys wearing a colorful watch that will attract attention and will be the envy of those around it. Large numbers and magnifying glasses complement the designs in silver and stainless steel, with orange, blue, white and black bracelet styles that make the watches a rare buy.

Graham watches are made to be worn under any condition and during any occasion. Some are more formal than others, but they are all spectacular. The Tourbillograph is another unique collection of work. They are large and voluminous luxury timepieces. When customers buy a timepiece of the label, it is truly unique, since it is impossible to mistake a Graham for another watch or brand. Anyone who knows watches and prides himself on his knowledge will identify one at a distance. These Graham watches have black bracelets with black, silver, gold and chrome dials and rims. They are truly beautiful.

Graham has another category of luxury timepieces, called the Special Edition Collection. These commemorate events and personalities who have ordered the watches made for themselves. The personalities we are talking about are Presidents, artists, sportsmen and women and celebrities in general. Special Edition Graham watches are made only once, and they will never be made again. They are pieces that you will cherish forever. They are not found on catalogues or websites, but if you want to invest money on any special edition luxury timepieces, you must ask what is available at the moment, and where you have to buy it.