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Since the mid-nineteenth century, the Glashutte region of Germany has been renowned for its fine watch craftsmanship. Many of the Master Watchmakers originated from this area in Saxony, creating a rich history and foundation for excellence that surrounds the Glashutte name today. While the factories and infrastructure in the region suffered throughout the World Wars of the twentieth century, the quality of its timepieces did not. Following reunification of East and West Germany, the company became known as Glashutte Uhrenbetrieb GmbH, and today as Glashutte Original. While circumstances and modernization have changed the name, nothing can tamper with the quality of tradition and excellence.

In a world where nearly all manufactured goods are compiled from elements created around the world, Glashutte remains true to tradition. Each and every component of a Glashutte Original watch is created within the factory itself, not outsourced to a cheaper or secondary location. This guarantees consistency in each timepiece, and ensures that every aspect of the final product is created with the same skill and craftsmanship as the last.

While Glashutte Original watches are steeped in tradition, they are also harbingers of modern design, which is why consumers of all generations have wanted to buy the extraordinary timepieces. The creation of each product is done by the confident hand of one who has been taught by generations before him. However, when modern efficiency is required, as in the case of quality control, the most technologically advanced possibilities are utilized to guarantee the perfect timepiece.

The heart of each Glashutte Original is the caliber, or movement. Each caliber requires over three hundred work hours to create, and is the essence of the timepiece. Because they are automatic, the calibers wind using both movement from the wearer and the earth's gravity. This translates to ease for the wearer, who will need to worry about nothing but the elegance and beauty of his possession. A three quarter plate means a unique and more stable construction, while the sophisticated swan-neck regulator, hand engraving, elegant beveling, screw mounted gold chatons, and a ribbed finish all contribute to an unparalleled finished product worthy to buy.

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Glashutte Original watches are true luxury timepieces. While they are dream items for a collector of fine things, they are also made to last and serve as heirlooms to be passed from generation to generation. At Luxury Bazaar, clients can buy an authentic Glashutte Original timepiece that will certainly attract attention.