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When cosmopolitan clientele hear the name “Cartier,” their first thought is of luxury designs that carry royal status. The jewelry and watch brand is known worldwide for glamorous, elegant pieces that display the finest craftsmanship. From authentic rings and necklaces to bracelets and earrings, our Cartier selection appeals to the daring woman who prefers to stand out.

At our online store, you’ll find genuine Cartier jewelry for sale at prices below their original retail value! New arrivals are added to the selection regularly, so our customers never see a dull inventory. Enter into the jewelry jungle of house Cartier.

What Makes Cartier the Big Cat of Luxury Jewelry?
Cartier is most prominent for its exquisite pieces made of quality gemstones and carefully carved precious metals. Many fashion enthusiasts can relate to the brand’s rise to success, which came as a result of commitment to perfection, passion for exotic style and dedication to a high level of craftsmanship. Cartier’s powerful empire in the fashion industry and beautiful jewels are well represented by its long-time symbol, the black panther. Dip your paws into the jewelry maker’s past, where true goldsmithery lies.

Louis Francois Cartier got his goldsmith talents from his grandfather, also named Louis Francois Cartier, and learned his skills from his apprentice, Adolphe Picard. When Picard passed away in 1847, Cartier succeeded his efforts and developed his company.

Cartier turned his business into one of the finest jewelers in Paris, with royal orders for jewelry requested from The Prince of Wales. Cartier was asked to create 27 tiaras for the coronation of King Edward VII. The new king honored the company by dubbing Cartier as the royal jewelry supplier to the Royal Court of England.

The love of Cartier jewelry grew, and soon after, similar warrants were issued from the courts of other countries such as Russia, Spain, Greece and Belgium, among others. Louis Cartier's son, Alfred Cartier, took over and then his three sons Pierre, Louis and Jacques turned the brand into an international empire. By the early 20th century, the three brothers were successfully managing Cartier boutiques in Paris, London and New York. Today, Cartier has more than 200 stores in 125 countries.

A company whose roots start with fine jewelry, Cartier regards superior craftsmanship and excellence as of the utmost importance. The high status of Cartier is displayed throughout jewelry and watch designs, old and new. Aside from creating new designs for jewelry and developing innovative production techniques, the label also constructs functional and stylish timepieces that are unforgettable. Their past models prove this statement to be true, with the making of the first flat square wristwatch, the “Santos,” for aviation use, and the classy “Tank” wristwatch, which accompanied men during WWI.

The House of Cartier is a true dynasty of style, elegance and fine craftsmanship, with jewelry pieces and watches characterized by fabulous gemstones, high-quality metals and unique designs that could only come from a master of the art. At Luxury Bazaar, we are proud to carry such an opulent brand. Please feel free to browse our current Cartier jewelry for sale, which includes authentic bracelets, rings, pendants, earrings and more!