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Every fashion enthusiast has their opinion on how fine jewelry should be worn, and there’s no wrong in that. But when it comes to the prominent fashion house, Pomellato, their outlook on jewelry is highly influential—as well as innovative. We are pleased to offer authentic Pomellato jewelry for sale, including their rings, which are renowned for their unique design.

Pomellato has been changing the world’s attitude towards luxury jewelry since 1948. Their jewelry, like the selection of rings for sale you see here, is highly sought by collectors and style-conscious ladies alike for their unique designs. Pomellato is responsible for various achievements in jewelry making, such as jewelry setting techniques, the use of semi-precious gemstones and creating contemporary designs. The fashion house perceived jewelry as a fashion statement, which was largely reflected in their designs. The brand is also well-known for revolutionizing the goldsmithing industry with new techniques.

Pomellato Through the Years
Before Pomellato gained international reputation for its alluring jewelry collections, they were but the vision of a passionate and determined goldsmith named Pino Rabolini, who came from a family line of jewelry makers.

History of Pomellato
Pomellato was founded in 1967 by Rabolini, a talented jewelry maker and entrepreneur who wanted to shed jewelry’s representation as just a status symbol so that it would be associated with fashion and style. The term “Pomellato” derives from the phrase “cavallino pomellato”, which means spotted pony in Italian. This connection seems to represent the brand’s use of creativity in fashion, also represented by the use of animal motifs in their designs.

In 1982, Pomellato opened a boutique in Via San Pietro all’Orto in Milan, with other stores to follow all around the world. The label then introduced their silver pieces, followed by their new line of luxury timepieces a while later. It wasn’t until 1990 that the jewelry maker used Cabochon semi-precious gemstones intensively to create modern, elegant jewelry. A few years later, Pomellato launched the Dodo collection - a jewelry line aimed at communicating messages of universal meaning, which quickly became one of their iconic designs. Various celebs have been the face of Pomellato, including actress Tilda Swinton in 2010. Pomellato joined the Kering Group in 2013 to become a leading partner in accessories and apparel worldwide.

How Pomellato Changed the Rules of Jewelry
Pomellato’s jewelry is special not only because it is high-quality, but because it is also versatile enough to be worn with formal evening wear, or casual everyday attire. The jewelry maker opted to use oversized colored semi and semi-precious gemstones (a previously very uncommon technique) to create pieces with a modern vibe. They removed the concept of jewelry from its traditional formality to make it edgier, seductive and style-oriented. Their innovative jewelry-making techniques allowed the brand to reach global fame, changing the tide of jewelry within the fashion industry. With its creative designs and strong craftsmanship, the brand has seen continuous growth in popularity worldwide.

The brand features nine colorfully named collections. These include Nudo, M’ama Non M’ama, Capri, Bahia, Tabou and Sabia, all of which are characterized by candy-like gems of different varieties and precious metals. Other featured collections are Victoria, which is characterized by rose gold and beautiful jet designs, and Tango, which features rose gold chains, most of which are accented by different types of silver and diamonds. Lastly, Pom Pom is Pomellato’s haute couture line of jewelry.

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