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Swiss Army

Swiss Army watches are highly coveted because they are durable, modern, trendy, and reasonably priced. It is no surprise that so many men and women dream of owning a Victorinox Swiss Army luxury timepiece. Read on to learn more about what makes Victorinox Swiss Army watches in such high demand worldwide.

History of Swiss Army Watches

Originally founded in Ibach, Switzerland in 1884, the company’s first task was to manufacture knives for the Swiss Army. Eventually, the company made Swiss Army watches as the official watch for the Swiss Army. The Swiss government put their faith in the watch making skills of Victorinox Swiss Army watches because these timepieces are made with a great deal of skill and dexterity.

Swiss Army Watches Emblem and Label

Victorinox has used the famous emblem (a cross in a shield) since 1909. Originally, Victorinox made watches with only “Swiss Army” on the dial. Now, each luxury timepiece has a new label: “Victorinox Swiss Army.” Adding the name, “Victorinox”, is in celebration of having been in business for over 125 years.

The Mission of Swiss Army Watches

The mission of Victorinox Swiss Army watches is to create top-quality, practical, functional, and reasonably priced luxury timepieces. The way in which Swiss Army engineers their watches is the same way that they make pocket knives: with precision, attention to detail, a stress on function, and affordability. Each luxury timepiece is engineered using exacting standards that the Swiss Army brand has now used for more than 125 years.

Swiss Army Watches Collections

Each Swiss Army luxury timepiece is an exceptional value with a reasonable price tag. The collection includes a number of interesting designs to include the following:

• Divers watches

• Pocket watches

• High end jewelry luxury timepieces

• Quartz watches

• Sporty timepieces

• High end mechanical chronographs

• Ladies luxury timepieces

• Military watches

Characteristics of a Typical Swiss Army Luxury Timepiece

Swiss Army focuses on creating a consistently reliable collection of luxury timepieces using utility, clarity, and Swiss precision.

The following features stand out giving each luxury timepiece a characteristic appearance:

• The famous emblem – A cross in a shield that typically hovers above the dials.

• Preference for dark (blue, gray, brown, black) colors and often matted faces.

• Lighter colored models for the ladies.

• Date and day of the month in various configurations on the dial.

• Lume on the indexes and hands

• Water resistance

• Dual time

• Alarm

Victorinox Swiss Army watches are well known worldwide for their durability, modern style, trendy features, and reasonable prices. It is of no surprise that so many men and women covet a Swiss Army luxury timepiece.