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Made of sturdy construction, these watches have caught on with the military and civilians alike. One well-known wearer of this model is David Beckham who owns a variety of models. Sports players often experience damage to a timepiece while practicing and these Welder watches usually survive undamaged from the experience. Welder is intent on designing a watch of the future for the here and now.

Italo Fontana designs the Welder watch collection. Starting with the UBoat watches which were updated designs from a cousin who actually drew them up during World War II for the military, Welder has moved on into new and modern looks. These newer watches contain the sturdy construction of the Uboat but also bring fashion to the forefront by including unique face designs. Keeping the contrasts known in Welder watches, these new looks include chronographs, faces with a variety of colors and bands that are plated in gold and platinum. These Welder watches also come in smaller casing sizes instead of the large size watches that made the UBoat popular. Welder casings also come in square and oval shapes. With more delicate looking designs, these Welder watches are not just for the military any more.

A Welder luxury timepiece is built with a solid stainless steel casing. The back of the casing is enclosed in rubber making it comfortable to wear in any condition. The round face of the watches come with a dual numbering that features bold blocked Arabic numerals. The watches use a Myota Quartz Movement and have a face width of about 50mm. The casing is about 13 mm thick. The strap comes in both rubber and leather. The crown of the watch is on the left hand side only. The watch is self-winding and comes with a three-day calendar. The newer models are the Classico, Flight Deck and Thousands of Feet. Some of the newer models come with the Welder imprint on the back of the casing.

These watches were originally sold only in Italy, but are now sold in the United States, Europe and most of the English commonwealths. They can be found in Japan and India as well. Despite only being in production since 2000, this luxury timepiece is taking a place with the best timepieces. The Welder luxury watch is truly a timepiece to buy for a lifetime.