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Urwerk watches are innovative in style and design. Each Urwerk luxury timepiece has a uniqueness that appeals to those who enjoy something different in a watch, but at the same time demand mechanical perfection.

Urwerk watches was born from a meeting that occurred in 1995. Martin Frei, a talented designer and artist, and two brothers, Felix and Thomas Baumgartner, both gifted watchmakers, were in attendance. This meeting turned into a long discussion about their dreams and philosophies. They decided that they wanted to create their own luxury timepieces and Urwek watches were born.

The team was inspired by the 17th century Campanus night clock. They were inspired to distil timekeeping to its essence by removing all extraneous distractions and indications. The Baumgartner’s spent two years working on the technical aspects of the timepieces complications and movements. Marin Frei sketched and worked on the design of each luxury timepiece.

Urwerk watches was launched in 1997. The team had one aim: To continually push the boundaries of watch making ever further. Urwerk watches is a creative name that has multiple meanings behind it:

• Ur: “Ur” is a Sumerian city where over 6,000 years ago people used giant sundials to measure time.

• Werk: In the German language, “werk” means to work, shape, evolve, or create.

• Uhrwerk: Urwerk is also a play on the German word “uhrwerk”. In German, “uhrwerk” is the word for the movement used in watches.

Urwerk watches are based in Geneva. Geneva has a rich tradition of a commitment to the art of watch making. Talented artisans live throughout Geneva. Urwerk watches profit from the full gamut of artisans located in Geneva. In addition, Urwerk watches have a rich range of skills available within the company to include:

• Nano-Technology

• Watch Making

• Micro-Engineered Parts

• Fine Finishing

• Designing

Urwerk has one common goal: to make each luxury timepiece excellence.

In creating each Urwerk luxury timepiece, Frei and Baumgartner have been inspired by a diverse range of objects, people, and machines. The following are just a few of their inspirations:

1. Martin Frei

Martin Frei is inspired by architecture. Architecture inspires him either by the atmosphere it creates, a minute detail in a building, or the layout.

2. Felix Baumgartner

Felix Baumgartner is inspired by Thomas Tompian (1639-1713). Tompian is a great name in the English clock industry. His clocks represent a complexity, perfection, and a beauty that can seldom be equaled.

Urwerk watches are unique in that they can be fascinating, innovative, and unconventional all at the same time. Each Urwerk luxury timepiece is perfect in design and mechanics. Thus Urwerk luxury timepieces are only available in limited numbers.