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Phillipe Charriol made a bold decision in 1983 to create his very own concept after working in the industry for over a decade.
Being a connoisseur of art in both ancient and modern, he reflects his passion within his prestigious brand of elite watches, jewelry and accessories.
Embodying the spirit of harmony, which he greatly appreciates, his luxury products are designed with an insistence on the highest quality materials to be used.
Now, after only 25 years, it has evolved into a worldwide synonym for luxury and exclusivity, in CHARRIOL boutiques and high scale stores in over 60 countries, his distinctive influence can be found worldwide.

Charriol is an international luxury brand that specializes in fine Swiss time-pieces, jewelry and accessories.
Charriol is a manufacturer of jewelry, watches, and other accessories. Charriol is one of the largest makers of wristwatches in the world.
It extended the brand by also offering a wide range of accessories too.
The company was founded in Hong Kong by Philippe Charriol, a French entrepreneur.
It later relocated its headquarters to Geneva.

Charriol believes that affordable accessories serve to complete an image, a spirit and a look.
Charriol has incorporated different materials that shine - metallics and patents, adorned with beautiful hardware.
It is felt that like every woman – each bag has its own personality.

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