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One of the most prolific designers of our time, Fawaz Gruosi has captured hearts and souls with his creativity and ingenuity in design. Regularly turning out masterpieces, Gruosi has deftly channeled his passion for originality to watches.

Born in Syria in 1952, Gruosi lived the majority of his early life in Lebanon, and then in Florence, Italy, where he lived until the age of 18. Gruosi was greatly inspired by the aesthetics and beauty of the city of Florence and he took a keen interest in the art of jewelry making—a career that he pursued with zeal.

Over the ensuing decades, Gruosi created magnificent gems for some of the finest international jewelers. Nonetheless, his undying passion had always been to open his own shop and create jewels under his own name.

In 1996, at the age of 44, Gruosi followed his dream and opened his first de Grisogono boutique in Geneva.

He filled his cases with magnificent one-of-a-kind pieces and unveiled a collection of black diamond jewelry that would become his signature statement.

Indeed, Gruosi—who had for several years been captivated by the 190-carat Black Orlov diamond—created one of the most unique collections around these scintillating black gems that have since become his hallmark.

Responding to international acclaim, Gruosi opened his second de Grisogono boutique in 1997, this one in London.

A year later, Gruosi opened a shop at the Palace Hotel in Gstaad, and in 1999, he selected Rome’s Hotel de Russie as de Grisogono’s fourth location.

Gruosi unveiled his first timepiece collection in 2000. Called the Instrumento No Uno, the collection was an instant success thanks to its bold case and modern design.

This series was followed in 2002 by the unveiling of the Instrumento Doppio—a sizzling collection housed in a square case that echoes the stylistic design of the successful No Uno signature case.

Credited today as the man who initiated the black diamond craze and who sparked the exotic relationship between the stone and women around the world, Gruosi continually endeavors to find new cuts and settings that enrapture and mystify.

In the seven years that he has been working with black diamonds, Gruosi has created bolder, daring, more intriguing designs collection by collection.

Deftly blending black diamonds with other gemstones such as rubies, emeralds, pearls and even turquoise, Gruosi has achieved a new sense of color and light. What’s more, he infuses his designs with a sense of whimsical attitude and sensual overtones. Feminine shapes flow with the movement of the wearer, exotic animals such as panthers and snakes emerge in sinful beauty and flowers and hearts are incredibly supple and stunning.

So prolific has Gruosi become in his work with black diamonds that, to date, he has designed and created more than 4,000 mystical black diamond masterpieces and has earned a reputation as the “king of black diamonds.” The de Grisogono symbol of perfection and creativity, the black diamond remains one of the most enticing passions of Gruosi’s work.

A man of many talents, Gruosi also designs pieces without black diamonds. Indeed, just two years ago he unveiled his spectacular Icy Diamonds collection of milky-hued gems to the world.

Today, the de Grisogono collection adeptly brings together nature’s most mystical and magical jewels with Gruosi’s most masterful settings. The results are positively enchanting.

Throughout the 1990s, Gruosi had designed and produced several important black diamond watches for men. Among them was the now-famed black diamond Ice Cube for Chopard.

That particular timepiece required 76 perfect natural black diamonds—which took Gruosi more than two years to collect.

Driven by passion and creativity, Gruosi determined to develop a signature de Grisogono timepiece collection as well. In 2000, he unveiled the Instrumento No Uno watch at the World Watch and Jewelry Fair in Basel.

The bold case and stylistic elements—including stingray strap, gemstone accents and colored dials—were popular with men and women alike.

In 2002, de Grisogono’s second signature timepiece, the Instrumento Doppio, made its debut. Housed in a large case shape inspired by its predecessor, the watch is double-faced—allowing the wearer to choose between a chronograph dial with large date, or a dial with a second time zone. The watch is fitted with a patented mechanism that enables it to pivot in its case.